Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Would Never Write Something As Groundbreaking As This

**Tips for writers by Stephen Coonts. Enough said. Read on. Follow the link. Cheers.
Craft aside, to write successfully you must have something to write about. Every word you write is a distillation of everything you know about life, about how the world works, about how people think and feel, their motivations, their hopes, their dreams, and so on. How do you write a woman in love? Well, if you are not a woman, it would help a lot if you had known one or two who were desperately, hopelessly in love. To write successfully you must understand what it is to be human. Only then can you reduce the human experience to language and put it on paper. Our best writers drank deeply of life. I give you Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway.

One of the common mistakes of aspiring writers is to write about themselves. Some do it to explore their inner emotions, others do so for the simple reason that they know themselves best. Regardless, writing about yourself is a literary dead-end, a place where readers do not care to go.

Write because it's fun, because you enjoy the creative process. If what you write ever gets published and you make a few bucks, that will be the icing on the cake.
These brief paragraphs speak so much. Read the complete rules in their entirety in this here link.


  1. yah, i'm one self centered bitch!


    nice one...

  2. at di na talaga nagsulat!?

    momel, darling, aprove mo entrecard mo...


  3. Ha haa @ Lexan

    Ano na 'teh, he hee, medio nag iipon lang ako ng mga ideas, marami rami na rin, pero slow down lang muna ang pacing. Pahinga sa sobrang stressful na monetized blogging na yan na di naman worth it.

    Har, ang asim asim lang noh???




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