Monday, June 30, 2008

Have you ever deleted one of your posts?

I deleted one of my earlier posts in 2004 because it offended my sister. And I'm writing it now because I think the issue should have simmered to nothing more than an annoying memory that was once potent enough to have caused a smashing sibling rivalry. Of course, we're both mature enough to allow things to escalate to such silly childish truck, but it was STILL an eruption, however low it registered on the richter.

There is safety in proper timing.

The post, "I Read In My Sister's Wedding," was nothing more than a humorless take on, drumroll please, my sister's wedding. It's Her Wedding in a totally deadpan interpretation. Bad idea, wrong blog. What started off as an unspirited attack on the reception host (and the silverware, and the groom crying, and such similar truck) exploded in a very impolite tirade with a slightly offensive air to it that borders on the excessively rude. And then I reckon most of my pieces smell of the same characteristic profaning diction anyway, so I reason it's nothing more than a bad idea in the wrong blog.

I apologize for that.

You don't do impassive on celebrations like people's weddings. You don't write them off like you're engineering some really lame attempt at funny. And you don't, for fear of raising hell, you dont do it on your sister's wedding if you can't even fake good tidings. I so embarass myself that I'm referring to him in the third person. Him being me.

Choose your words, people. And choose your topics good, if you can't word them well. I've now learned not to, as Jessica Zafra would have it, not to "cannibalize my life for material. " It's just a blog, so stop blogging for the continuity. Don't blog to endanger pre existing relationships that will remain to be far more important than your current page rank.

Your life is bigger than this free online service that peaked as a fad for most of us.


  1. nabasa ko to, and no offence to your lovely sis, but i did find it funny...

    and as for page rank-ist, they should get a life i.e. live-in partnership ala momel or older men with a fleet of yachts ala me



  2. you're just being funny. your sis should know that. but its nice of you to apologize.

    i can't imagine my brother reading mine. mumurderin ako nun.

  3. Ay talaga @ Bry

    You read that post? Naiyak naman ako dun, and thanks again. He hee, what's with the older man with the yacht comment?


    Yeah @ Pat C.

    I think that, sometimes, we should restrict our audience/readership to a very select few. That saves us the worry of having to apologize in a later post, or maybe even, God forbid, delete any one of our actual posts.

  4. I wasn't able to read that blog, pero i think you should have been more sensitive about it. you know, wedding is no joke, it takes months, sometimes years of planning, and to hear your own brother mocking it, for the sake of mocking it, is no fun.

    to answer your question, i haven't deleted anything. although i make edits. i commit a lot of grammatical errors and typos kasi i don't proof read. :)

  5. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I just read this post. Shows that I really don't get to read a lot of your posts... but nevertheless, I try to once in a while whenever not busy with work or Zoe.

    I must agree with abssss. And I'm sure glad to be reading this one now.

    Thanks Momel dear! Hope to see you guys soon. =)




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