Friday, April 22, 2016

Why Do I Love You?

**This is for the Amazeballs Dude who will sweep me off my feet, or knees, once I get to meet him. You just pray that it won't be anytime soon, baby. You will be living on a soft diet until we're too old to dog style. And you can count on that, for sure. Meanwhile, I elected to post this now since I needed a break from nearly a month of writing all that death. 

I love the gentle warmth of the sun as it shines on my body in a tender morning embrace. I love the soft descent of raindrops on my skin in a welcome act of cleansing. I love the smile on my mother's eyes as she watches over me with unconditional approval. I love the reassuring presence of my brothers and sisters. I love the laughter of my closest friends as it registers the purest of loyalties. I love the scent of the bound pages of a book as they trickle on my nose. I love hearing my nephew's voice on the phone. 

I love puffing on my first cigarette in the morning as much as the last for the night. I love Janis Joplin's vocal register because there is nothing like it in another human being. I love getting punctured by a tattoo needle at the rate of 1,200 stabs a minute or 20 stabs a second. I love how Darryl shot a rocket launcher to this group of six biker assholes in this episode of the Walking Dead. Where the fuck did that come from? I love that I'm 35 now because I don't overthink as much as I did in my twenties. I love waking up after seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

I love casting a Hypnotic Specter and a Hymn to Tourach on the first turn of a Magic the Gathering duel. And I love the look of surrender on my opponent's face since he's playing green with a handful of Giant Growths and Llanowar Elves. I love commuting on a holiday because I have C5 all to myself along with this cab driver who won't charge me extra because he's just as grateful as I am. I love the twenty to thirty people who smile at me with teeth and sincerity because they give the finger, figuratively, to the two or three people who hate me in secret. I love going home to a finished download that's six to eight gigs huge. 

I do not know why I love you. And I don't know when I'll meet you. But I have decided to love you, and I will love you as much as all these combined. 


  1. Why thank you! This is a revelation! I seriously did not know! *acts surprised*


    Seriously, why the love for tatts? Was contemplating on getting one but dunno the how-to/masakit ba/where kanino do I go? Maliit lang. Baka tuldok nga lang ih.

    Can't beat the first cig of the morning. Hay. Sarap. And ditto on the uninterrupted sleep. I take mine all in one go then am good for the week. Haha.

    1. I was hoping you'll comment, Daniel, seeing as this post was intended mainly to bring the refined jerks out of woodwork. I'm kidding.

      My love for tattoos, wow, developed over a few years. It started with one chinese character for "passion," and then I added "fire," and then a loopy dragon I copied from the internet. The love affair bloomed with intensity when I met the Best Artist in the Philippines, Ms Racquel Natividad (Rakel Tattoo in FB).

      How to: Plan it, decide that it will hurt, and commit by investing a non-refundable deposit.

      Does it hurt: Hell. Yes. Imagine cat claws scratching sun burnt skin. Or 1200 needle stabs in one minute. What makes it odd, however, is that you will look forward to the pain once your new baby has healed. Some areas hurt more than others though. Go for your outer arms or legs if you plan to lose your skin's virginity to ink.

      Where to go: Rakel Tattoos is located in Brgy Calios, Sta Cruz Laguna Philippines, Earth. Her shop is flanked by a car wash to the right and a INC Chapel to the left. Her studio is bursting with talent.

      How much: Expect to save a lot for your first session. Hey, tattoos are the only beautiful things you'll get buried in. And you will never take them off. Save.

      But really, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Daniel. You rock. Thanks again!

    2. And do I know you from somewhere, Daniel? The sheer coincidence is perhaps curious. Then again, if I you were who I thought you were, you'd mention mana costs. Anyway, thank you for dropping by.

  2. Ilove the twenty to thirty people who smile at me with teeth and sincerity because they give the figuratively. Medyo natuwa ako dito hahaha ugali ko kase na ngumiti kahit hindi ko kilala yung tao. Alam mo yung feeling na hindi mo sila kakilala pero kapag nagsmie ka sa kanila sobrang nakakagaan ng loob.

    I love puffing on my first cigarette in the morning as much as the last for the night. Totoo to tapos sasamahan mo pa ng malamig na tubig hayahay hahaha

    Missyou Momel! Thankyou for this haha ☺️������❤️

    1. Hey, thank you Melvin for taking the time to drop by. This is a pleasant surprise. I miss you too.

      Muahness from Pasig Cirrehh!



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