Friday, January 15, 2016

A Prostitution Story

"Sir? Excuse me Sir, but the lady you're with is actually a boy in his passport. See?" Pangyao, the horny Chinese national, barely concealed his shock as he returned the evidence to the overly made up front desk receptionist. He thanked her in embarrassed Mandarin, and then he stormed out of that hotel with his head below his left armpit. 

That look of cruel triumph on her face, lurid with foundation, was truly an evil thing. 

Meanwhile, She (or He, depending on where you stand in this train wreck that is Gender Labels) has been waiting in Room 420 with this expensive lingerie, black lace, that did nothing for His (or Her) sense of decency. I say that because His (or Her) flaccid dick, which is now glutathione-pink, was still visible below his ass if you wanted to look at Him (or Her) from behind. He (or She) has no idea that He (or She) will be waiting long, so He (or She) takes a Selfie and captions it with Beijing's temperature. 

His (or Her) perfect surgery gets 70 plus Likes within the hour. Meanwhile, Pangyao's wife gets ready to fuck her husband in earnest since it has been ages since he's home this early.

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