Monday, November 23, 2009

Horror Movie Review #34: Cloverfield

Directed By: Matt Reeves
Release Date: 30 January 2008 (Philippines)
Running Time: 85 minutes

Horror Type: Really big alien monsters.
Sex? - There was this one time, but it all drama. Pass.
Gore? -
Lacerations at best. Pass.

Must watch if you're not easily nauseous. Not because of the gratuitous gore or reckless dismemberment on account of this film's basically gay on those departments. Grab a bottle of strong ammonia because Cloverfield is the Blair Witch Project times ten. It's all that movement that gets to you. You probably have watched the Blair Witch Project, and you probably remember the vertigo caused by all that running and panicked screaming and overacting and what-have-you.

It doesn't have witches though, that would have been overkill, but it does have wonderfully rendered ginormous alien freakbeasts. We're out of the woods this time around; Manhattan's larger, and tempts varying degrees of vertigo. Okay, so the people are hot, and there might be some semblance of a story behind all that macho posturing, but its still shot using some gimmick that has seen better days. It maybe moderately engaging for the first thirty minutes, but you probably have an idea what happens after those monsters started to appear out of nowhere. The intensity simmers, and you might be feeling drowsy at that point.

You're rooting for the alien freakbeasts in the end. Just eat these people already.

Picture from Universal Causality

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