Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resets Please

I'm now looking for THE ONE HTML code for putting a panic button on my blog's sidebar. With a push, that golden button wil go ahead and hide all of my unbecoming posts with their horny details. Of course, hide IS the operative term, because a fault finding fool like myself needs to go over the things I wrote for a number of foolish, fault finding reasons.

I can be too wordy to a fault; the terms I choose to string together often paint a messy sketch. And there are ideas that do nothing to redeem the collapse that is my person. It's bad enough that I'm gay by default, but to be a wordy attention-whore with an unprecedented sense of self-promotion is something different. That leads to very unlikely ideas. But the problem is I kind of posted some of those ideas. Some of them had comments, too. And I have to do something about that because my mom is reading my blog now.

Ergo the panic button.


  1. hahaha.. uhhmm.. wish i could help you fren but im helpless and hopeless as the afss :))

  2. Wahaha! Loading pa rin fren? Muahness!

  3. To this I can relate. :)

  4. IE? IE? IEEEEEEEE!Shiet man, where u been holing up these days? Same url? Pray tell me you're still blogging!



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