Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Momel's Take: The Unwritten Rules of Blogging

**Or some reminders I often say to myself when I have all that time and no friends to talk to.

**Obviously, this is a repost. Cannibalized, if you may, and I'm saying that because I'm not having none of that cybercrime bullshit biting my rabbit-shit tits. I'll write something else soon. Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh! Werd.

1. Be polite. Remember the bit about not shitting in anyone else's backyard. Don't link a site that loads malicious software.

2. Bloggers love the attention, and they'll love you more for the comments. That means you actually took the time to speed read and digest what they're bitching about. Sure, it won't hurt to spare the details, but a generic comment is just self promotion plus the effort to verify the word string.

3. Yes, bloggers are people too. See rule #2.

4. "Just dropping by." As much as possible, if you're neither in his or her blogroll or an offline friend, avoid typing those three words in the tag board. Bloggers love the promotion, but that doesn't compare to the love of gratification for being read.

5. Blogrolls aren't there for show. There's a good reason why you're keeping this list of certain bloggers. Drop by if you have the time. But remember rule #4.

6. You don't have to exchange links if you don't want to. You will be clicking on those links every so often, so you better make sure that you're returning to a worthwhile read.

7. You don't have to comment back if you don't want to. But remember rules #1, #2, and #5. And the Golden Rule. And the Bible. And the Philippine Constitution. And all those GMRC subjects in grade school. Okay, scratch the Bible, but remember everything else.

8. Always introduce yourself.

9. There's never a boring blogger if you take the time to return. But then, remember that even online, first impressions still apply.

10. Blog about anything. It's not somebody else's space. It's not MY space. It's your space. That My Space bit was me trying to be funny. Take a picture. Grab a copy. But remember kids, it's still YOUR space.


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