Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have been recently doing a lot of online and offline reading, and I'm hooked to some of the finest distractions anywhere. Offline, it's this book about reading body language, The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease, absolutely fascinating truck I tell you, and it schools its readers with properly deciphering postures and bodily signals. For instance, did you know that the lead foot, that's the foot you start walking with, points towards either the nearest exit or the most interesting slash most attractive person in the group? It says that the brain is less conscious of the activity of body parts that are farther away from it. There's also something about the language of smiling, the most common gestures of liars, how the legs reveal what the mind wants to do, and so on.

Which is all so totally fine and dandy, but I bought it primarily with the understanding that I can use body language to score.

Of course I kid. I'm currently on this chapter that talks about personal space. Did you know that your intimate zone is an inch up to eighteen inches away from you? And that the only people you allow within that space are the people real close to your person, like your family, your lover, and then the person you're about to give head to.

Online, it's this blog, The Talented Mr Montano,, and it's a total scandal written by this HIV positive gay guy who's life savings, around $70,000 Au (around three point something million pesos) have been "stolen" by some social climbing coke junkie from the Philippines. He's blogging to get his money back. Thing is, this social climbing coke junkie belongs in, shall we say, Manila's Finest, an elite group of socialites that's the quintessential poster children of the local newspaper's Lifestyle section. Everybody loves a scandal, and I'm totally hooked. Not because I take great pleasure in all that dirt, I do actually, but I couldn't have cared less for the shameless desecration of Manila's Finest. They don't matter to me. It's just evil to be a total fag over your gay lover, steal his life savings, and then try to have him deported to Australia.

This blog, save for the occasional typos, is righteous indignation at its near finest.

You go girl.

I guess I wanna say more, but what's to talk about a blog that reached 270,000 hits in just about five days?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Pulitzer-Winning Photographer's Suicide

Legends have it that whoever took this picture, however Prize-winning he is, killed himself some time afterwards. The misery was just overbearingly thick enough to cause his deathly depression or something.

I don't know how it usually goes, but I'm pretty sure porn photographers don't get to bang their subjects either.

I'm thinking this kid didn't make it.

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